Thursday, May 22, 2008

Nader's birthday

We had our first visitor to our new place on Tuesday. My uncle Gerry came over for dinner, as he was in town for work. It was a good visit and we enjoyed a nice evening. Nader was very happy to have discussions about politics and the economy. We hope to have more visitors soon! Anyone up for a housewarming party? I would like to have one in June sometime.

Yesterday was Nader's birthday! We had a fantabulous birthday cake that I made.

I wasn't satisfied with any recipes I found, so I made a dense yellow/white cake and invented a filling and frosting. It was pineapple jam (which is very hard to find by the way!) and cream cheese and whipped cream with crushed pineapple on the outside. (I couldn't decide whether to make cream cheese icing or use whipped cream, so I combined them). Yummy!

Nader was very excited to open his present - he thought he knew what he was getting! Actually he kind of knew since he was making hints for the last few weeks. He got 'Teach Yourself French Conversation', 'Planes, Trains and Automobiles' dvd, and some beer. We had some good laughs with the movie last night.

Today I am making cinnamon buns for a BBQ with our home group this evening. I am very excited about it...I hope they will turn out delicious. I just love being off from work right now. Its been fantastic. Plus I am getting EI, so we have some breathing room. Thanks Lord!

Love you and miss you,

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Frances said...

Looks like you've had lots of time for delicious baking! I get hungry every time I read your blog :)

See you this weekend maybe.

Love, Frances