Sunday, January 23, 2011

Quilting Bee Blocks

In 2010 I participated in two online quilting bees. I am going to share some photos from the Maple Leaf Bee that I moderated. I learned a lot during the year and tried new techniques. I also learned about how to run a bee and to get the most out of it.

These two orange and blue blocks were made for Quilting Barbie and she is going to make a quilt for her son with all our blocks. We were asked to make improvised blocks. They were a lot of fun, and were more time consuming than I anticipated. I have fallen in love with improv since that time!

These two pink and green blocks were made for maripenquiltmom. She made a quilt for her sewing room with them. She asked us to make the centers in the style of Oh Fransson's Map of the States block. I didn't follow the exact instructions, but used it as a jumping off point. I am super happy with how they turned out.

This crossed canoes block was my first introduction to paper piecing and I made it for indigolimeblog. It was interesting to try it, but I definitely don't love paper piecing.

These two pinwheel blocks were made for FeltArtistic. She sent us some vintage sheets and told us to make our favourite pinwheels. It was a challenge to use these fabrics because some were very soft and slippery, and there wasn't a lot of contrast in them. I am pleased with the outcome though.

I made this spiderweb block for Shadrach Meshach and Abednego in May. Each section was paper pieced, but not in the same way as the crossed canoes. We used scraps from our stash and she sent us the middle pieces. I love how it looks with the printed fabrics in the middle.

This flying geese circle was also paper pieced for brenda.g34. I was terrified of this block and put off making it for several months. Once I finally started it, I had to use my seam ripper numerous times. It was super challenging. This block confirmed my suspicions that I hate paper piecing!

These two tree blocks were made for crazycraftycarm. She requested any kind of tree block and this is what I came up with. I was sent green fabrics and also added a bunch of my own green scraps. I love how they turned out.

These two blocks were made for DoreyR. She sent us a few jellyroll strips and asked us to make whatever kind of blocks we wanted, as long as they ended up 8.5". I made some very simple blocks, but I think that they are very effective.

In September, kroddick asked us to make up some wonky quarter log cabins with these two solids. Mine isn't very wonky, but I tried to make some wavy seams. I think they are too subtle and maybe just look like mistakes in sewing. I'll have to experiment some more with wavy seams.

Austen g. sent us some Hope Valley fabrics and asked us to make whatever kind of block we wanted to. She is making a Hope Valley sampler quilt. I tried out a block that I got from my Moda class at Katja's Quilt Shoppe. It was fun and easy to come together. I was thinking that it would look really cool to have a line of these blocks in a quilt. I'm planning on trying that out someday!

In November, arianescrafts sent us some very delicious fabrics to make her a dresden plate with. This is the first time that I have every done machine applique. It took me a few tries to get my tension right, but once I did, it went very smoothly. I can hardly wait to see her completed quilt!

Finally, December was my month! I asked for these pinwheel within a star blocks. I told people that they could change the centers if they so desired and the fabric placements too. I haven't received all the blocks back yet, but the ones I have received are fantastic! I'll probably make up another block or two for my final quilt, but I haven't decided exactly what to do with them yet. I was planning on combining them in a checkerboard fashion with some improv blocks I had my other bee do, but it is looking way too busy.

So, that is a year's worth of bee blocks for the Maple Leaf Bee. I am starting up another round of Maple Leaf Bee and will have some new people. It is going to be half a year this time, which will be a little bit more manageable. I am super excited to get started and make some new online friends.

xo Nicole