Friday, May 25, 2012

Owl House for L.

I didn't forget about my promise to show you the Owl House quilt for L. I finished it up some time ago now, but I'll try to remember some details.  It turned out to be approximately 65"x85" I think. Large enough for a twin size bed anyway. It was a heavy monster to wrestle with, but so worth it.

I started out by choosing the cute owl print by Alexander Henry, and then I added in a variety of reds, greens, blues and browns, with a hit of orange. I built the blocks around a few different sized owl squares, adding strips of colour in log cabin formation. It wasn't very planned, just things that I thought looked nice together.

I squared the blocks up to 15.5" and originally planned just to mash them all together. Once I had some made, I thought that it looked better with some sashing. I found a nice latte colour in my stash that I purchased in Egypt. It suited the blocks nicely.

I thought it would be fun to fussy cut some owls to make into cornerstones and I love the touch of whimsy that they add. Plus cornerstones make it easier to sew sashing on well. I won't say no to that!

I ended up quilting it in a sort of boxy meander. My edges were mostly rounded, but I love the texture that it adds. (Too bad I had that problem in the middle of quilting it. Good thing that I didn't forget the motions to finish it off.)

I really had fun with the back. I did one large chunk with some fabric that I picked up at Ikea awhile ago, and the other large chunk is a solid grey I had stashed. My favourite part is the strip of the owls bordered with the fun red Momo print.

I love a scrappy binding. I used up some leftover strips from the log cabins in blue and greens, and pieced them on the diagonal. I machine finished the binding with a turquoise thread so that it would kinda blend in with both colours.

L. loves his quilt and it looks fantastic in his room - the walls are painted a similar shade of light brown.  He sleeps under it every night and I hope that he will for many more years!

I'm working on another quilt. (What else is new?) Maybe I'll give you a sneak peek or maybe you will only see the finished quilt.  Depends when I blog next.

xo Nicole