Tuesday, September 20, 2011

My Beet Soup

I can't say that I know how to make Beet Borscht or anything. This is just my made up recipe and I think it tastes good! This is a great time of year to make things with beets.

1 onion
2 stalks celery
2 cloves garlic
5 or 6 beets
2 carrots
1/2 head of cabbage
1 large can diced tomatoes
farmer's sausage
bullion cube
s & p

I start with onions, celery, and garlic. Chop 'em up and throw 'em in a pot with some olive oil and cook them while you are preparing the next stuff. I chop up the beets into small cubes and add them into the pot. Same thing with the carrots and cabbage. Then I throw in the canned tomatoes and some water and a bullion cube. I turn up the heat to make them boil, then turn it down to simmer. I also cut up some farmer's sausage and add it. Totally optional, but it tastes really good. Then I just cook it up until it's done, maybe one and a half hours. Before serving, I throw in the dill and when it's in the bowl I blob in some sour cream or plain yogurt. You can even sprinkle in some more dill if you like. Eat it up with some fresh bread. Yum!

Pretty simple and very tasty. Let me know if you try making it sometime or if you have any questions.

xo Nicole

Saturday, September 17, 2011

One of my Works in Progress

This weekend I started with a pile of fabrics that are leftovers from a quilt I made for my mom and added in some solid peach fabrics. I'm making a quilt for my Grandma V.

I recently visited her and she was showing us her new digital cable box and trying to figure out how it worked. I thought that she would enjoy having a quilt to keep her warm while watching her favourite shows this winter.

Her favourite colour is peach and I thought that it would go well with these florals. I think that it makes a lovely simple patchwork. My stack quickly was cut and began to be pieced in a few evenings.

I currently have all the rows sewn together and will hopefully finish the top tomorrow. The squares are cut 5" and the quilt will measure about 45"x 50", big enough for a lap quilt on her recliner. The colours are better in real life, but that's what happens when you sew at night and have a crappy camera.

I'm generally not a huge floral fan, but there are some prints in this quilt that I really love. I hope that my Grandma will love them too.

xo Nicole