Saturday, October 22, 2011

Grandma's Quilt

I finished sewing Grandma's quilt up last weekend and sent it off to her on Monday.  She received it Friday and is so thrilled with it.  She says that it matches her decor perfectly.  I am so happy that she loves it, because by the time that I was finished with it, I wanted to keep it for myself.

I ended up inserting a little strip in it to make it longer. When I originally cut up the squares I had decided on a certain dimension, but when it came time to sew the squares together, I didn't remember what I'd decided.  So I just guessed, and it turned out wrong. I had wanted to do 9 squares by 12 squares, but I sewed them together in 10 by 11 (and I had to cut a few more).  Then the quilt was too short and I had no more scraps to add in.  I was thinking about just adding a top border, but when I mentioned my problem to Katja, she suggested adding in a strip instead.  So I did, and I really liked the way it turned out.

I ended up quilting it in a zigzag pattern in the squares, and did a little stipple in the floral strip section.  I bound it in a peach check that was perfect for the quilt.  After I washed it up, it was so crinkly and soft and even better than I imagined.  I know that it will keep Grandma company through many evenings of TV watching.

I better go get going on my next quilt!  I have a long list of quilts to make....

xo Nicole


myredbike said...

How lovely that you made your Grandma a quilt! Glad she loves it! I like the happy accident of the strip near the top.

Carla said...

It's lovely Nicole. Wish I still had a grandma.