Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcoming 2012

I know that it's a little cliché to review the last year and make goals for the coming year, but it feels satisfying somehow. In the past year there have been many accomplishments and some difficulties.

I have a faithful God who loves me and will always be with me.  I have a loving and supportive husband.  My family relationships and friendships have been deepened and strengthened.  I am blessed with two great jobs and wonderful colleagues. My health is good and is even improving.  We are home-owners and have been blessed with everything that we need.

Even in the midst of unexpected difficulties and hardships, I can be joyful and filled with hope for the future.  I know that my character is being stretched and grown.  I am becoming more of the person that God wants me to be and I am so thankful for this.

In the coming year I have a lot of goals, hopes and dreams.  Some of them are small and some are large.  Some are public and some are private.  I'll share some with you.

:: to make relationships a priority
:: to visit family and friends regularly
:: to teach a quilting class
:: to finish many of my unfinished projects from 2011 (I have three quilts basted that are waiting to be quilted!)
:: to do some of the quilts on my long list
:: to use up lots of my fabric that I already have
:: to be wise with my time
:: to finish crocheting a couple of baby blankets
:: to significantly cut down my sugar intake
:: to make myself do things 'now' rather than 'later'
:: to purge my house of unnecessary clutter and stuff
:: to be a peacemaker

I have heard of people choosing a word to remind them of their top priority for the year and I'd like to do that too.  I'm just not sure what that one all encompassing word would be.  Maybe the word delight. It has the conotation of being content and joyful and thankful.  It makes me feel happy.  I want to take delight in what life offers me.  I want to delight in the Lord.  Yes, that will be my word for the year.  Delight.

xo Nicole


Carla said...

Keeping you in my prayers Nicole.....

kristina said...

I really like your list of goals, all the best to you! kristina