Saturday, May 17, 2008

Friday's Activities

I had a really good day. I think this day was one of the highlights of my week. It was a sunny and hot day. I spent the morning reading and rearranging furniture and the afternoon shopping. I found these items that make me smile and add a touch of whimsy to the mantle.
After eating dinner, Nader and I headed out to the North Shore (an area in Kamloops) to find a Farmer's Market. It was rather sad because there were about 6 vendors there. I had been hoping to find interesting things to take pictures of. Instead we drove around McArthur Island park, planning to have a walk there. Instead we happened upon a mini-golf course and decided to play! It was Nader's first time playing and he did fairly well. The first half of the game I beat him and the second half we tied. (Not that I am a very good player!) It was a fantastic location. We saw many birds and a groundhog. We then had ice cream at DQ which was very busy. I don't think I have seen a DQ that big before, but it makes sense in a place like Kamloops!
We then decided to drive around a bit to explore areas we hadn't been and discovered a Chinese graveyard. It is where Chinese workers who built the CP railway and worked in Kamloops were buried. We then went home and enjoyed a warm evening and the lights of Kamloops on our balcony.

Hope your weekend is a great one! Love, Nicole

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