Thursday, May 15, 2008

So much free time

I don't know what to do with all my free time. Yes, I have many things to do. I spent 12 hours on Tuesday doing laundry.
I unpacked many boxes and put together shelving. Yet there is still a huge pile of boxes surrounding me. I actually spent half the day reading yesterday and the other half going shopping (for groceries mostly). Of course I was sidetracked in Costco...they have a nice section with plants and I have ideas for a few pots on our balcony. I have lots of nice ideas to make our apartment more homey and functional, however most ideas need me to buy something and since I don't have a job, its not feasible to put most of my ideas into practice. I think I will walk down to Chapters/Starbucks today. Its going to be a hot one! The forecast is over 30! Hmmm...time to find my shorts.

As for my job search, its not really a search right now. I have applied for EI and I am trying to decide what direction to take. I feel like I need a bit of a change. Nader and I are going to take AutoCAD in the fall. I wish they offered it in the summer time. I am also thinking about volunteering somewhere for one or two days a week.

Nader got his contract with his job finally! We are so excited. He is now a full time employee and the contract is open. He is on salary, but no raise as of yet. We trust God will keep providing for us like He has.

Nader and I are both feeling a bit lonely. We miss our friends and family in the Lower Mainland. I think we need to take some steps out of our comfort zone and reach out to connect with people here. At least we have a Bible Study on Thursday evenings and the people are really nice. Hopefully we can get together with a couple of them during the rest of the week. That might help!

Love you all, Nicole

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Frances said...

Congratulations to Nader!