Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The long weekend

It amazes me how fast Spring came here. One week everything was brown, the next everything was green and blooming. Too bad you can't smell these gorgeous lilacs...

We had a great long weekend here and it was hot and sunny. We got to know a couple from our home group better by having a BBQ at their place. It was great. They have fabulous views from the front and rear of their house.

We were going to go to a nearby lake this weekend, but Monday it started to rain...shoot, we should have gone on Sunday. So instead I decided to make cookies and try out Dana's recipe for sweet bread. Both of them turned out delicious! And it was my first use of our full size oven!
I hope you all had fun weekends and not too many sunburns! Miss you and love you.

Nicole xoxo

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