Thursday, July 17, 2008

Various Ramblings

Nader and I spent time with friends we invited over for dinner on Sunday. He made his famous Macarona Bechamel and I made salad and dessert. It was an evening full of interesting conversation, much of it about church and church history. I think we need to have people over for dinner more often.
I spent the weekend working on restoring a dresser that I got for $25 at Value Village. I sanded and filled a few holes, painted and put on new knobs. Don't you think it look great now? I ended up spending more money than I anticipated on the project, but I can paint other things the same colour now if I want to! Plus it looks way cooler than a brand new dresser.
We also went down to Riverside Park one evening to listen to live music there. It was a bit of a stormy evening (ie. thunder and lightening), but we enjoyed the fresh air and the atmosphere. In Kamloops there is live music every single night all summer long for free! Its so cool. We also went for a drive down a road we've never been on. As it turned out, we ended up at the dump and drove past the (smelly) mill. We saw a large buck eating grass (I think he had about 3 points on each antler). I hope that we see cool wildlife when Nader's parents are here.

I've started my job hunt now, so my 'free' time is more limited. I need to make sure I have something to record about what I did each day. So, I better get going on that. I have an info session at the work search center this afternoon. I hope it helps me out.

Keep fit and have fun!

Love, Nicole

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