Saturday, August 9, 2008

Bowling Friday

Nader and I decided that we needed to go bowling on Friday night. The lanes were quite empty, although the weather was pretty good, so its not too surprising. We had a deal that whoever lost would be recorded saying, "I'm a Bowling Loser."
After the first game, I was sure it would be me. I think I only got two pins in about 5 frames. The rest of the balls were wonderfully guttered. Although, both our scores were really terrible the first round.
I think that it had something to do with only 5 pins instead of 10 pins. We haven't played 5 pins together before. Apparently, Kamloops doesn't have 10 pin bowling alleys.
The second game I took the lead and managed to maintain it for the whole game. (Still not great scores though). We had only bought two games, so we needed to buy another to find out who would be the bowling loser.
As it turns out, I got two strikes and a spare in the third game!! Nader managed to make a spare as well. So....I am NOT the Bowling Loser, that esteemed title goes to my spouse.

I think that next time we go bowling on a Friday night we should also wear white to glow in the dark. That would make the pictures really cool!!

Lots of love, Nicole

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