Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Okanagan Lake

We were invited out to the lake with our friends, Jeremy and Lillie. Jeremy's family has a cabin on Okanagan Lake near Vernon that is fabulous. We spent a day and a half there doing pretty much nothing....There was reading, eating and playing dominoes. The guys did a little work to fix up some rotten boards on the deck, and Jeremy's mom painted.
We did swim as well, after getting good and hot! It was 34 degrees in the shade and much hotter in the sun. The water was surprisingly warm for the time of year. I didn't even get goosebumps and Nader didn't complain of being cold.
We had a great fire when it got dark and roasted marshmallows and made banana boats (split your banana with the skin on and stuff it with chocolate, then wrap in foil and place in the coals until hot). Oh man, that was good! I've never heard of doing that before, but it will definitely be done again.
After finishing up at the lake, we went and had a BBQ with some more friends back in Kamloops. Getting out of the car was a huge shock - it was roasting hot. I think I broke out into an instant sweat! Kamloops broke the record for heat from 1987 - it was 39 degrees officially. (I think it was hotter....) Let's just say that I am so thankful for A/C!!

Happy Canada Day!

Love Nicole

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