Saturday, May 9, 2009


Wow, it's been awhile since I last posted. As for the contest that I was running, I think most of you forgot (or didn't care that much). That's fine. Nader wins the contest since he was the only one to make a suggestion in the comment section. Maybe I will run another contest at a later date.
I decided to give a little tidbits section for today. Tidbits are little delicious morsels that can be enjoyed at your leisure. They may be connected or not. Click on the link to take you away....Elizabeth Gilbert on Nurturing Creativity: This is a 20 minute talk that I watched this morning about creative genius. Very interesting.

Paintings by Maura Fine: I've been following some other blogs for the last few weeks about painting. This always makes me wish I could paint.

A Gift Wrapped Life: This is full of beautiful pictures that I find so inspiring. It really is a little girly, but fabulous none the less.

Well, I think that's sufficient for today. I'm going to try to be more dedicated in updating my blog regularly, so check back often. Who knows what interesting things we will discover together!

Love Nicole

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