Thursday, March 12, 2009

Spring Break Beginnings

I have been delaying on starting any new sewing projects because I wanted to work in my 'studio' space, which was a huge mess. I kept procrastinating from cleaning it....sound familiar?
So I finally decided to do something about it and took the first day of Spring Break to clean and organize.
These are the results! I have to say that I am soooo excited to have this done and my creative juices are flowing. I spent time looking through old quilting magazines for inspiration and it sure worked!I found these fabrics to make a quilt with as I was searching through my stash for colour inspiration. I haven't decided on a quilt design yet, but I was thinking about making up my own... Its something that I have wanted to do for awhile, but have just been altering other people's ideas. Actually quilting is kind of like that anyways; most things have been done before and new designs are a remix of old ones.I also have finished a project that I started more than a year ago. My little chicken pin cushion/tool holder. Isn't she cute? I haven't named her yet, so here's an idea. You give me name suggestions, and the one I like best will get a prize. How about something like what's below? A handmade, memory verse poster. Its about 9"x12" and is mixed media. I will even make it in your favourite colours and use your requested verses. I had lots of fun making this one yesterday. I made it for the girls in my youth group for the talk we had about outer and inner beauty. I made colour photocopies for each of them so they can hang it where they will see it regularly. They were very excited!

On Tuesday, Nader and I went to a free adult skate. It was so nice to go skating again. We haven't been on the ice since early January even though we keep intending to go. I was amazed at Nader's skating. He just picked up right where he left off and went around the rink rather quickly. As for myself, I had a great time flying around. My feet didn't hurt at all during the whole time I was skating, which is totally amazing because I have always had sore feet in the past. I think it has to do with my weight loss. I just didn't expect that it would make such a difference for skating.

Well, I am going to keep on creating for a couple more days and then I am heading down to Burnaby this weekend. I will probably be hanging around for a few days and I would love to get together with you if you are available. Let me know!

Love Nicole

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Anonymous said...

koko wawa is the name of the chicken.

from Nader