Saturday, May 16, 2009

New blooms

What does the typical Canadian do on the long weekend in May? They get flowers and plant them in their gardens!! In my case, I had to get a few planters and then add dirt and then plant the flowers. I am so happy with the results! The long planter is on my balcony, along with its twin. It adds some colour and coziness to our small outdoor space.
These beauties grace our front entrance. It was hard to know what colour planter and flowers to pick to not clash with our lovely pink stucco exterior. I think I did a pretty great job of choosing the right ones!
I hope that our guests will feel more welcome now! It sure beats the bags of garbage I had left outside the door last time. Oops, forgot to get those to the dumpster....And my latest project that I'm continuing to work on...Leanne and Bryan's wedding guest book. I made the exterior cover with some fabulous greens and browns. And it has a sweet ribbon to tie it up. It was pretty quick to make. Now I am working on the interior. I'll post some of those photos another day. Maybe after the wedding. It sure will be original and a wonderful keepsake for them.

xo Nicole

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