Monday, April 28, 2008

New place in Kamloops

Well, here it is...the new pad with a beautiful view. So far its been good. We do have a yappy dog or two living next door and I already want to get out a pellet gun. Thankfully we can't hear too much from our bedroom as it is on the opposite side of the building.

We went to church yesterday - Summit Drive Baptist Church. It seems to be a good place and Nader knows some people there. I met a bunch of people and they were very welcoming. One woman is into quilting too! There is a "girls night" on Tuesday night at church (whatever that will be...) and I will go and hopefully get to know some people.

Our move itself went very smoothly, and we unloaded the truck in about an hour. It was a little more work due to the stairs, but I am happy with the outcome. Now I just have to unpack and make the place look like home...easier said than done! I have put away most of the kitchen stuff, but have a few more boxes to go. Nader got out the computer and set it all up and we have access to the internet! I was feeling a bit cut off.

Well, I should get going here and start doing stuff for the day. Miss you all. Love Nicole

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Tracy Hill said...

Hi Nicole and Nader.... you have left already... we have been so busy and not been able to say good bye to you. We went to Vernon this past weekend and drove thru Kamloops, now we can visit you when we pass thru. We wish you happyness and good luck in your new home. Get that gun or a high pitched thing to blow the dogs ears... that might do the job.

Much love, Auntie Tracy and Uncle Bill