Saturday, February 11, 2012

Confound It!

Imagine a lovely Saturday afternoon with loads of time to work on a quilt that you want to finish before next weekend.  You have some tunes to jive to, no hubby at home to worry about, and piles of laundry and vacuuming to ignore.  You set up your machine and grab your quilt that has been prepared since the end of December.  Finally. Let's quilt it!

You even decide to try out a new quilting design.  It isn't perfect, but it sure looks cool.  Somehow you manage to wrangle your giant quilt through the itty bitty space in your machine to achieve this awesomeness. You use up almost 4 bobbins of thread and are quite pleased with yourself with how this is turning out.

Suddenly, your machine makes a terrible noise and jerks to a halt.  The screen reads: STOP FOR SAFETY PURPOSES.  Oh no!  It is jammed up. Not the thread. The mechanics inside! You manage to get your quilt out from the machine and see if you can figure out what is wrong.  You turn the hand wheel and nothing happens.  Confound it!

It. Is. Broken.  That means that your quilt will not be finished for next weekend, nor will the birthday gift or the bee block (from November).  Nor anything else.

I sure hope the shop can fix her up.

I guess that means I have to clean the house now.

xo Nicole


felicity said...

Oh poo. To the broken machine AND to the fact that you then had to clean the house. I hope they can fix it fast!

Carla said...

So what was the problem after all ? Is it fixed?

Richard Healey said...

My house has a sign on it that says stop for safety reasons. I guess I cant clean it.