Monday, June 2, 2008

More Visitors

Eric, Leanne, and her friend, Suvi came for a short visit on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning on their way to Cranbrook. We enjoyed going for a small hike at Kenna Cartwright park on a sunny afternoon. Eric especially loved the bouldering there.The other activity of choice was pinecone baseball. All you need is a dead tree branch and a pile of medium size pinecones, and some sagebrush for bases.
The walk through the park was really nice and the smell reminded me of camping and hot summers. Too bad a lot of the trees are dead from the pine beetle. At least they were clearing out some of the smaller trees so that there would be a lower fire hazard in the park. They seemed to be doing some other construction there too, but I don't know what for.On Saturday morning we went downtown for the Farmer's Market. No fresh produce yet, but I am looking forward to later on in the summer when there will be a lot of it. It was a nice atmosphere down there. We went for a walk down to Riverside Park and Eric was trying so hard to not startle the geese....walking in slow motion....
Leanne and Suvi found a wonderful rock to sun on, one that reminded Eric of a nice lizard sunning spot. And of course he demonstrated that too. (Wasn't fast enough with the camera to capture that).
Alas, the visit came to an end less than 24 hours after it started. We did enjoy good times together and lots of good food. I hope we have some more visitors soon! We have a nice guest bedroom all set up now and there are lots of books to read too. I know people who downhill bike and I am discovering some nice lakes to walk around. There are plenty of things to do in Kamloops in the big open space. I think I am growing to like Kamloops more each day. We are making some good friends too, from church.

Still missing you all,

Nicole xoxo

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