Saturday, April 21, 2012

Beginner's Luck

I did finish it! It's all quilted and bound (in a fabulous orange nonetheless) and hanging in its new home at the quilt shop. I just love the Amy Butler peony fabric that I based it on and I am so pleased with the outcome. Too bad that I can't cuddle with it at home.

Isn't the middle block so wonderful? I love how part of the shoo-fly blocks make it look like the centre star has a second star around it.

I don't know why, but stars and shoo-fly blocks are two of my faves.  

I am also very happy with the final sashing choice, since it wasn't my original choice. I had originally chosen a rich brown and a soft lavender for the cornerstones. They ended up being totally wrong and too harsh for the blocks. Luckily, at the time that realized I needed to find something better, Katja had just brought in some wonderful Pat Bravo fabric that worked perfectly with my colour scheme. I'm so delighted that the colours were exactly as I had originally pictured in my mind.

Here is the quilt in its current location above the wide backings and flannels. (Oh, and look to the left - you see Carla's cute birdie quilt and my little twister quilt. And in the foreground is a glimpse of my placemats and Sixteen Again quilt.)

If you (or someone you know) are interested in making a Beginner's Luck quilt, contact Katja's Quilt Shoppe. The first class begins on May 22 at 6pm.

xo Nicole


Barb said...

Looks great Nicole! I took my first quilting course at Katja's! Hope you have lots of students. (Is Katja selling Amy Butler now? I was there in March and didn't see any?) I always bought mine in Pritchard.

Gramma Quilter said...

Awesome. I live stars as well. A star within a star, even better.
So fun to teach a class. Thinking that you will be awakening someones creativity, maybe for the first time. Have fun and many blessing to you and the newbies.

Dawn Hughes said...

Great quilt Nicole - I saw it hanging on the wall at Katja's - beautiful.... and very inspiring!