Thursday, March 8, 2012


This is a very terrible picture that I snapped on Saturday evening.  I spent my day making up these improvised blocks to make a toddler quilt for a friend's little girl.  It has progressed further than this.  All the pieces are now filled in and sewn together.  Unfortunately, it's a little bit smaller than what I was aiming for, so I need to add a border.  I don't think I can add a regular style border due to the nature of the quilt.  It calls for something created in the same manner as the piecing.  I also have run out of some of the fabrics, so it will not be an easy task.  I hope to get this finished completely next week.  

This quilt is something that was started a year ago.  It is all sewn together and then I was waiting to find the perfect backing fabric.  I found it and then basted it.  It has been sitting ready for quilting for a few months now.  I'd really like to just finish it up!  I'm a little stuck on what to do for the quilting.  I think I want to try something new and a little fancy.  I just need to work up my courage.  This probably won't be finished next week, but sometime this spring.  I think its a great spring quilt.

My sample for the Quilting 101 class I'm going to be teaching is just about done.  I basted it on Friday and now just need to get it quilted and bound. I will be getting that done in the next week as well.  I was planning on it being done at the end of January.  

I think that I have more time in my mind than what actually happens. We'll see if that is the case next week.  I do have two weeks off from work at school and I plan on sewing for a large chunk of that time.  Most of what I want to do is finish off projects that are nearly done. I think that is attainable.  I'll check in again later and let you know how that all works out.

xo Nicole


Gramma Quilter said...

Awesome to get some WIPs done. That has been my goal this winter. Though saying that i bought fabric this week for a couple of new ones. I think it is even more exciting to think about something new as you whittle down the WIP pile.
Love that first quilt. It is funny that i gravitate to those more "modern" patterns but i usually lean toward the traditional when i sew. I see your quandary about border. Watching to see what you come up with!

Gramma Quilter said...

Me again! Wanted to say, love the name of your sight. Such an awesome reminder of that journey that i am on, keeping my sight on the goal and being faithful to run the race. Victory!

Carla said...

Hey Nicole. Love the blocks in the first picture : )

Your beginner sample looks great. I need to make a new one too..........